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The Yang Zhongjian's Life Exhibition Hall Officially Opens

On August 11th, the exhibition hall on the life of Yang Zhongjian, which was built by Northwest University, Shaanxi Folklore Association and Yang Zhongjians relatives, was officially opened in Xiangzi Temple Street. At the opening ceremony, the host briefly introduced the origin of the establishment and construction process of Yang Zhongjians life exhibition hall, and expressed his gratitude for the support given by NWU and other related departments.

Standing Committee Member of the NWU Committee and Vice President, Prof. Chang Jiang reviewed the life and academic experience of Mr. Yang Zhongjian in his speech and introduced his contributions during his work at Northwest University. After the opening ceremony, people from all walks of life visited the exhibition hall. Chang Jiang and the leaders of the Department of Geology also gave an in-depth explanation to the visitors of Yang Zhongjians life experiences.

Yang Zhongjian's Life Exhibition Hall, located in Xiangzi Temple Street, Beilin District, has a building area of 300 square meters and is divided into one hall and three display sections, i.e., life experience display section, physical display section and video section. The life experience display section includes seven chapters, which introduce the dramatic life of Mr. Yang Zhongjian systematically. The physical section displays Mr. Yang Zhongjians handwritten letters and related calligraphy works. The video section displays the photos and the videos related to Mr. Yang Zhongjian.