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President Guo Lihong meets the Ambassador Arziev Farhod of Uzbekistan to China

On the afternoon of August 14th, President Guo Lihong met with Mr. Arziev Farhod, Ambassador of Uzbekistan to China, in Xi'an. Mr. Li Anjun, the second inspector of the Foreign Affairs Office of Shaanxi Province, Mr. Wu Zhenlei, the Standing Committee Member of the NWU Committee and Vice President of Northwest University, and the relevent leaders and staff from the Office to the Presidents, the Office of International Programs and the Collaborative Research Center for Archaeology of the Silk Roads attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Guo Lihong introduced to Ambassador Arziev the previous cooperation between NWU and Uzbekistan universities and research institutions, especially the progress of joint archaeological research and the current situation of cultivating Uzbekistan students, and expressed his gratitude to the Uzbekistan Embassy in China for their asisstance ever provided to support the cooperation between the two parties.

Ambassador Arziev said that the Silk Road connects the long history of exchange and communication between China and Uzbekistan, and Northwest University has carried out fruitful work in Uzbekistan. He introduced that the current president attaches great importance to the exchange and cooperation between the two countries in the field of education and scientific research. He pointed out that the joint archaeological cooperation between the two parties will help us to learn from history and provide insights to contemporary societies, and we should continue to deepen our cooperation in more fields, especially the exchange and interaction between young students.

Later on, Zhao Rong, the director of the Collaborative Research Center for Archaeology of the Silk Roads, and Professor Wang Jianxin, chief scientist, exchanged views with the ambassador on the background of the establishment of the center, the progress of archaeological cooperation in Uzbekistan, the exchange of personnel visits and the co-construction of the international joint laboratory of archaeology. Ambassador Arziev expressed his praise and support for the work of the Center.