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President Guo Lihong attended the 2022 Silk Road Education Cooperation Expo and delivered a keynote speech

In the afternoon of August 15th, the 2022 Silk Road Education Cooperation Expo, which was sponsored by Shaanxi Provincial Peoples Government and hosted by the Provincial Department of Education and universities in Shaanxi Province, opened in Xi'an. President Guo Lihong was invited to attend the conference and delivered a keynote speech entitled Achieve mutual benefit though collaboration with openness perspective, Writing a new chapter of international cooperation and exchange in higher education at the Expo.

Guo Lihong shared the experience and challenges of international cooperation at Northwest University. He pointed out that Northwest University has always applied openness and collaboration as an important development strategy, and has made significant achievements in increasing the quantities of collaborative programs, speeding up the collaboration progress and improving the quality of international exchange cooperation. In the future, Northwest University will adhere to the international development vision of global origin, global presence and global influence, with the core of cultivating students with global competitiveness, participating in global education worldwide and deeply integrating into international research cooperation, in order to enhance international influence and promote mutual understanding of civilizations through Sino-international humanities exchanges.

This forum is one of the series of activities of the Sixth Silk Road International Exposition and the Investment and Trade Forum for Cooperation between East and West China. The Sixth Silk Road International Exposition is focusing on the development of trade and business, sharing results, platform building and other aspects. There are a series of activities will be held during the Expo, such as the 2022 Silk Road Education Cooperation Expo, aiming to promote practical cooperation in the field of education along the Silk Road and provide policy guidance and intellectual support for the opening up of higher education in our province. Northwest University hosted three events under the frame of the 2022 Silk Road Education Cooperation Expo, namely, Learning from Past Sages, Acting as Modern Cultural Ambassadors Cultural Products Launch Event for Crossing Cultures in Two Golden Ages: Stories from the Han and Tang Dynasties, Artwork Exhibition themed along the Silk Road and 2022 International Conference on Clean and Efficient Utilization of Hydrocarbon Resources.