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NWU successfully held the 35th “Black Beauty” Art Festival

From November 9th to 10th, the 35th “Black Beauty” Art Festival, co-sponsored by the Office of NWU Anniversary Celebration, the School of Liberal Arts and the National Base for Quality Education of University Students, was held in Chang’an Campus. More than one hundred people watched the performance, including Zhao Zuoniu, deputy Chairman of the NWU Council, deans and directors of the relevant departments of NWU and representatives of teachers and students.

As a special unit to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Northwest University, this year’s “Black Beauty” Art Festival, with the theme of “Paying Tribute to 120th  Anniversary and Advancing to a New Era”, showcased two plays, “Golden Cicada Escapes”, a suspenseful spy drama on the theme of revolutionary history, and “Hundred and Twenty Years of Looking Back”, a situational poem on the history of the university, to express their love for and honor of the university, to invigorate the active spirit of all students and teachers, and to inspire the NWUers to march into the new era and continue to hold onto the University Motto “Fairness, Integrity, Diligence and Simplicity” and strive for achieving it.

The “Black Beauty” Art Festival has been held for thirty-five years since its establishment in 1987, and is the oldest campus cultural activity of NWU. The “Black Beauty” Art Festival will continue to insist on the applied teaching of aesthetic education of drama, create more excellent works showing the new era, and promote the campus culture construction.