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NWU Holds the Opening Ceremony for 2022 New Students

On the morning of November 12th, the opening ceremony for the class of 2022 students of Northwest University was held in the gymnasium of Chang’an campus. All the leaders of the university, Professor Geng Guohua, a national-awarded professor, and Mr. Zhang Wensong, an alumnus of the School of Physics and the chairman of Xi’an Heqi Optoelectronics Technology Company, attended the ceremony. The ceremony was held in a combination of online and offline forms. The ceremony was hosted by Mr. Lv Jianrong, Deputy Chairman of the NWU Council.

At the ceremony, Wang Yajie, Chairman of the NWU Council, interpreted the expectations of the youth of today in the report of the 20th Party Congress for the new students, and sent a message to the new students with the beautiful meaning of the star Xida named by the International Astronomical Union, hoping that they should have the lofty pursuit of looking up to the stars, but also have practical actions on the ground, pay attention to the cultivation of the spirit of hardship, exercise the will of resistance, enhance the skills of shouldering responsibility, and strive to grow into a better man of the times who can bear the heavy responsibility of national rejuvenation, and write a gorgeous chapter of life in the unremitting struggle for the motherland, for the nation and for humanity.

President Guo Lihong welcomed the new students on behalf of the university. He said, “University is a place full of imagination, poetry and miracles, a place where youth is stimulated, passion is unleashed, and aspiration is reached”, and Northwest University always stays fresh because of dreams, appears historic because of heritage, and becomes excellent because of innovation. He encouraged the freshmen to keep learning, thinking and practicing, and to fully cherish and enjoy their university lives. He hoped that the freshmen would become explorers who dare to try, independent thinkers who are good at discernment, dreamers who hold on to their dreams, fly their youthful dreams and write a wonderful chapter of life without regrets.

After the solemn university song, nearly 10,000 colored balloons fell from the sky, expressing once again the universitys good wishes for all freshmen to fly their dreams and start a wonderful college life.