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NWU 120th Birthday Cake Shared with Teachers and Students

On the morning of November 15th, NWU 120th birthday cake sharing ceremony was held in Yulan Canteen, Chang 'an Campus with teachers and students at present. Zhang Qing, Deputy Chairman of the NWU counsel, Li Junfeng, representative of outstanding alumni and General Manager of Tangwang Group, responsible persons of Logistics Department, representatives of Logistics Department, student volunteers, teachers and students participated in the ceremony which was presided over by the Zhang Yuanjun, Vice President of NWU .

In the speech, Zhang Qing expressed her heartfelt thanks to the teachers, students and alumni who have been working hard for the construction and development of the university for a long time. She said that since its establishment, Northwest University has been sharing the same destiny with the nation, taking root in the northwest China, striving for exploration, and making great contributions to the development of national and regional construction, following the world's scientific frontier, and promoting the progress of human civilization. On the occasion of celebrating the 120th anniversary of the founding of the university, the alumni specially customized the 120th birthday cake for the university, hoping that the teachers and students would taste the history and embrace its bright future together.

The person in charge of the Logistics Department presented the donation certificate to the donor representative and alumnus Li Junfeng. In his speech, Li Junfeng thanked his teachers and the university. He said it shows the responsibilities of NWUers by integrating the society and serving the country after graduating from the university. No matter where they are, they always cherish and care about the university and share the same fate with it. On behalf of the alumni, he sent the students' deep wishes to NWU.

During the ceremony, Zhang Qing, Zhang Yuanjun, Li Junfeng, representatives of Logistics Department and student volunteers cut the "120th Anniversary Cake" together and distributed more than 600 pieces of cake to the participating teachers and students. Teachers and students gathered together to send sincere birthday wishes to NWU.

120th birthday cake

Zhang Qing, Deputy Chairman of the NWU counsel delivered a speech

Zhang Yuanjun, Vice President of NWU chaired the ceremony

Donation Certificate

Li Junfeng, representative of outstanding alumni and General Manager of Tangwang Group delivered the speech

Group photo