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NWU 120th Anniversary Gala was Held

On the evening of November 15, an evening Gala with the theme of "Salute to 120 Years of History, Striving for New Era"  was held in Chang’an Campus to celebrate the 120th Anniversary of NWU. Zhang Shengyong, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Professor of Air Force Medical University, Gao Ling, deputy Director of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education, Gong Fuwen, deputy President of Shaanxi Provincial Superior People's Court, Zhang Shougang, Director and Chief Scientist of National Time Service Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, all university leaders, alumni representatives and heads of brother colleges attended the gala. More than 1 million people, including heads of all units, representatives of retired teachers, faculty and staff, students and alumni from all walks of life, watched the performance online and offline.

The gala kicked off with a promotional video named NWU, a 120-year Epic. The opening song and dance performance "Beautiful China" depicts a beautiful picture of the prosperous and happy life of the Chinese people, and expresses the excited mood of the teachers and students of NWU to celebrate its 120th anniversary. The gala ended with the chorus of "NWU Song".

The celebration gala draws inspiration from the 120 years history of NWU and was based on the study and life of teachers and students on campus. You can see not only the revival of classic programs, but also new programs full of the atmosphere of the time. More than 500 teachers and students participated in the program performance, program arrangement, audio production, volunteer service, props field management and other work. The stage design is based on the history of NWU and it takes the auditorium as the design concept. The lights on the two sides of the broadcast screen outline the words "1902" and "2022" and the accessories outline the auspicious cloud pattern. The two groups of theme LOGO light boxes under the screen highlight the theme of the anniversary, and the overall visual effect is smart and uplifting.

Part of the Gala programs

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