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Five of NWU faculty were funded by the provincial youth project and four teams were selected as provincial key science and technology innovation teams

Recently, the Department of Science and Technology of Shaanxi Province announced the projects funding results of the 2023 Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology,  120 various projects proposed by NWU were approved, estimatedly will receive a total of 13.83 million yuan funding. Among them, Professor Jing Guangyin from School of Physics, Professor Yu You from School of Chemistry and Material Science, Professor Deng Jianjun from School of Chemical Engineering, Professor Zhao Peng from School of Life Sciences and Professor He Xiaowei from School of Information Science and Technology were awarded by the Shaanxi Province Distinguished Young Scientists Fund. The Shaanxi Province Innovation Team of Intelligent Wireless Communication and Perception led by Professor He Chen from School of Information Science and Technology, and the Ultrafast Optical Field Regulation and Micro-Nano Technology team led by Associate Researcher Lu Baole from Institute of Photonics, the Innovative Team of Glycomics and Glycobiology led by Professor Guan Feng from the School of Life Sciences, and the Innovative Team of Biomedical Functional and Molecular Materials led by Professor Li Jianli from the School of Chemistry and Material Sciences, were selected as Shaanxi Province Key Science and Technology Innovation Team.