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NWU successfully organized a special session at the 29th International Primatology Society Congress

From August 19 to 25, the 29th International International Primatology Society Congress was successfully held in Kuching, Malaysia, which gathered more than 600 participants from 60 countries engaged in primate research and conservation. Prof. Li Baoguo and Prof. Guo Songtao from the School of Life Sciences were invited to participate in this congress and the council meeting, and Guo Songtao organized a session on New insights on primate conservation in China on behalf of his Chinese counterparts.

At this session of the Council, the bidding for the opportunity to organize the 31st International Primatological Society Congress (2027) was presented and defended. The Chinese bidding committee organized by the Primate Branch of the Zoological Society of China (ZSC), which relies on NWU, competed fiercely with the joint bidding delegation mainly from France with the theme of Promoting Harmonious Coexistence between Humans and Primates, and finally succeeded in obtaining the right to hold the 31st International Primatological Society Congress, which will be held in Xian, China, in 2027.